User is the first chapter of the first volume of Other User and the first chapter of the series overall.


THE BEGINNING OF A FANTASTIC TALEDaniel and Alan, two users who are also Hellsings, are on the trail of a creature that has made many victims in a small town; In the quiet Ashville, Vivianne, a high school student daughter of an influential researcher, begins to have strange dreams and is attacked by a bizarre creature, having as sole protector Jason a federal agent in charge of its protection, and after this event he finds himself obliged to ask the hunters for help to protect the girl.


Prologue: Abediah StrangeEdit

Part 1: The Vivi's IncidentEdit

Part 2: InterrogationEdit

Part 3: The DreamEdit

Part 4: Demon's TrailEdit

Part 5: The Old Man at the MansionEdit


Main CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


Body CountEdit

  • Abediah's Wife - killed by a Metamorph Demon
  • Abediah Strange - killed by a Metamorph Demon
  • Mr. Pickes - gutted by a Deformed Hound
  • Deformed Hound - shot multiple times by Jason Smith
  • Metamorph Demon - Bisected in half by Daniel Holloway