Daniel Holloway is one of the main male protagonists of User Series. Daniel is a 149-year-old user and a Telesa Guardian as one of the first users of this world. Daniel was born in Georgia and is the older son of Robert Magnus and Lillian Holloway. He has an young brother, Philip Holloway, who is also a user and a guardian of Telesa first generation.

Daniel is a member of the Holloway Family.





User Saga

In Tale of Users,

In Link of Realities,

In Feast of Ghouls,

Ancient Saga

In Tale of Ancients,

In Piece of Void,

Hunter Saga

In Tale of Hunters,

In Song of Reborn,

In Second of Piece,

Zodiac Saga

In Tale of Zodiac,

In Begin of Battle,

Shadows Saga

In Tale of Evil,

In Demon Inside,

Blood Saga

In Brave New World,

In City of Blood,

Current Saga

In New World Order,

Powers and Abilities

Aura Powers & Abilities

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Master Swordsman:

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes:

Enhanced Durability:

Advanced Growth Rate:

Keen Intellect:

Immense Aura:

Immense Endurance:


  • God's Will (神の意志, Kami no Ishi) is Daniel's user power, while using his ability, Dan gains a brilliant aura above his head, besides two other minor auras in the palms of his hands.
  • User Special Abilities
Inheritance: God's Will's allows Dan to copy and adapt user's used against him, to use himself.
Teleportation: God's Will's allows Dan to teleport from one point to another in the world only thinking about where he wants to go.

Inherited Abilities

  • Cross Cutter (クロスカッター, Kurosukattā) is Daniel's main inherited user power, Was copied from Leonard's Holy Cross, in his adaptation it has the form of a fairly sharp medium black dagger with square handle and details in red, it shows very sharp, that can easily cut large and solid surfaces.
  • User Special Ability
Weaponry Mastery:
  • Double Body (ダブルボディ, Daburu Bodi)
  • User Special Ability


Alan Blackman

Ann Holloway

Leonard Crade

Sarah Forbes

Eloise Sullivan

Bianca White

Other Relationships

  • Daniel and Luna (Father and Daughter)
  • Daniel and Jason (Former Friends/Frenemies)
  • Daniel and Debbie (Ex-Fiancé/Friends)
  • Daniel and Vivianne (Ex-Girlfriend/Friends)
  • Daniel and Amara (Ex-Girlfriend/Frenemies)
  • Daniel and Melissa (Ex-Lover)
  • Daniel and Matt (Friends/Allies)
  • Daniel and Doug (Friends/Allies/Frenemies)
  • Daniel and Robert (Father and Son)
  • Daniel and Lilian (Mother and Son)
  • Daniel and Marley (Friends/Allies)